I was genuinely saddened last week and still am by hearing of the death of Nick Sanderson, frontman with Earl Brutus (along with playing in The Jesus and Mary Chain, Freeheat, The Gun Club, Clock DVA...).

Earl Brutus were a truly unique British band who both pointed out the grotesque absurdities of English culture and also had a great love for it.

Nick went on to be a train driver. He said he'd "made it" 'cause he was driving the London to Brighton line, which I actually rather respect.

I never met the chap though I knew all kinds of people over the years who did. The last time I saw a gal who I used to make clothes with her cousin was there and she was married to one of Earl Brutus. She used to make trousers for them to wear on stage that would deliberately split on the bum. For some reason that's quite a fond memory of mine and says a fair bit about Earl Brutus.

Kid Congo Powers and Nick Sanderson

I saw the band a few times, not as many as I should. The last time I didn't see them was one of their last gigs I guess. I was flyering outside and a chap called Jeremy Deller I used to know was going in he said "are you coming in?"

I said "no, I've seen them a fair few times". He looked mildly confused/perturbed/shocked by why I wouldn't be going to see them again. Looking back, he had a point.


There's not a whole load on the web about Earl Brutus as they existed mostly just prior to the whole internet boom but have a browse see.

Above and on the left is Nick Sanderson with Kid Congo Powers while, I assume, he was playing with The Gun Club. In the photo on the right I think it's him on the lefthand moped in World of Twist.


Mr Sanderson, wherever you are, I salute you.


22nd July 2008

*This photo by Scott King and James Fry, others by I don't know who.