A book and website project that explores a Soho noir, a Soho of the mind...

“Around twenty years ago I stumbled upon a semi-hidden world which only truly came alive well after midnight and which existed in the heart of London, in red light-drenched basements behind unmarked Soho doors.

“It was a place and time inhabited by characters who could have tumbled from films of their own making, a sideways glance at a reimagined indefinable past; a world of modern day spivs, foot-high quiffs, lizard skin-lined cars, tooting saxophones, unlicensed speakeasies and sharp suits.

“More than a decade later I began to revisit my old haunts and companions.

“The Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity book was the result, a tribute to a world where I spent some of my youth and a visualisation of the imaginary film it inspired and which has played behind my eyes ever since – an expression of my own particular Soho of the mind.”

There is an accompanying site which is a cultural rummaging, considering, exploring and wandering amongst and towards a Soho of the mind

It is a collection and perusal of thoughts, films, photography, music and the like that have intrigued and inspired me, that I have returned to over the years and that have lead to and from the Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity book.


Peruse the book and further wanderings at www.afterhourssleazeanddignity.com


The book can be ordered at Blurb and a version with a different layout can be ordered at the various international Amazon sites.

You can also preview the book below:


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The book is published by Little Corners Publishing (which may well also be my good self).

Stephen Prince, December 2015.