Atemporal is a clothing label that I launched at the absolute tail end of 2008.

It's aim is to introduce a touch of class into the world of alternative clothing, a return to the seductive allure of dark gothic glamour.

I have been studying a certain kind of textured, crumbling, decayed, deconstructed, dark beauty for a good few years. Atemporal is one of the expressions of that study.

Drawing inspiration from a sense of a fallen, decayed aristocracy, aching beauty, tarnished glamour, the crumbling textures of the old buildings that surround me, gay sailors, gracious transgression. alleyways in the evening and Genet-esque uniformed boys and girls.

Atemporal expresses my love of half-masks, high collars, gloves, delicate elegance, fetishistic lace, neck ribbons, braces, frock coats...

Just as this site does, it puts some human soul and feeling into digital work.

Atemporal is a little corner where I can stand proudly against it all.

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