In 2007 I created and produced some merchandise for Jay Taylor's fine Manchester based combo Bone-Box.

Below are just a few of the items from that range.

I'll have to ask Jay Taylor for the name of the gent/gal who designed the fine coffin illustration.

Below is the cover for their second album, Jay himself and a single cover.

I've picked this line from a review of Bone-Box which I think is a good summing up of them:

"...make music to drink whisky to, but are more likely to pick you up and put you back on your feet than allow wallowing in any hobo sorrows".

There's a kind of beautiful melancholia but without self-indulgence to their music:

"First he took to drinking
What better way to speed time
Applied his methods
A tested pack of lies.
But he took to drowning
Until he flooded his past
Never liked half measures
In his life or his glass"

These lyrics from Talking Christ Down From The Cross make my hairs stand up on end every time I hear them.

Above all, Jay is a gent.

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