I designed this clothing range while me and my sis had The Last Chance Saloon shop & gallery and this is a selection from it.

Each one of the prints was printed in a cut-up-by-hand style and printed across the side of custom made asymmetric tops, plus there were shoulder prints. There were also long dresses, frock coats, deconstructed jackets, zip tops, bags and more in the range.

You would have to see them to get the full effect but unfortunately I don't have any photos as I was so busy with The Last Chance Saloon and with making and selling this range that I didn't get time to take photos.

The range was based on England's semi-forgotten history... early eighties activism, the miner's strike, Maggie Thatcher, the use of unemployment as a weapon to help destroy the working class spirit.

I suspect that people that wore them probably didn't really know that that was what it was all about... ah, well, we can but try.

The one on the far right is actually a mixture of my graphics and one of my sister's drawings and I always thought it had an aching bit of melancholy to it. That one in particular ended up on 10,000 posters across London town and on some t-shirts that we sold in the high street giant Topshop, during a brief fling with the nasty nasty side of clothing retail.