"A selection of pages from the Degenerate catalogue that was a kind of greatest hits from my time in the bowels of Camden Market.

The catalogue was produced in 1998 and was 16 A4 pages, litho printed on matt paper."

For a fair few years I had various independent clothing labels, under numerous guises and kind of aimed at all kinds of subcultures, these images are from the ones I ran while I was living in the heart of Camden (roughly 1993-1997).

It had various names at that time, sometimes none at all. I guess the most used one was Kinkee (that's another story) and when it was collected into a catalogue it became Degenerate.

It all started when I was working in the legendary Sign of The Times shop in London (a one-off kind of place that gave space to genuinely outsider fashion) and a chap came in one day and said "I can print whatever you like on a t-shirt". With that I was off...

... well, actually, strictly speaking that was after making trousers from sofa material and strangely ending up making fake fur glampunk bondage clothes in a mates front room for a huge posh Steven Meisel photoshoot for Vogue magazine amongst other things.

My clothing ranges have often been the bread and butter that kept me alive and was often used as a way to have a right good old complain/comment about the mediocrity and lack of genuine passion that's prevalent in so much of contemporary culture while making various slutpunk kind of clothing...

"A selection of photos that a friend of mine Ray took of my clothes around Kings Cross... and also on the right a bit of a rough collage of some of the press that I got over the years for my clothes."

Sometimes later on it was more voodoo rock'n'roll a la The Cramps, sometimes more goth/fetish, briefly it was mod and even occassionally a bit kind of leftfield fashion. Generally I screenprinted the items myself and was even known to be tied to a sewing machine for months at a time in order to make boxes and boxes of the stuff to send to Japan or to sell in the Electric Ballroom in Camden Market.

During all that I seemed to manage to sell things to an eclectic mix of famous people... from Dee Dee Ramone to Naomi Campbell, Marc Almond to that woman out of Aqua via Marilyn Manson and Boy George... which was all both odd and yet curiously satisfying.