Home Taping Is Killing Music was a club that I ran along with three other compatriots in Nottingham, at The Rescue Rooms, in 2003.

We were right on the cusp of all things new-electro/electroclash/call it what you will. So on one side there were the likes of Fischerspooner, Ladytron, Peaches and LCD Soundsystem receiving a lot of attention, while on the other The White Stripes and all kinds of Detroit rock'n'roll folk were all the rage.

A pretty good time for your indie-electro student and I guess it was just before all such things took something of a nosedive into
high street and hair product sponsored anti-obscurity and mediocrity.

Above is a selection of some of the graphics I put together for the nights... these mutated into giant self-printed full colour photographic banners, screenprinted posters, badges, tshirts, a fanzine and... well, basically I guess a lot more effort than a lot of club nights put into such things.

Something like 75,000 fliers were printed over that year and Nottingham was pretty much wall-papered with them.

Along the way we dj-ed for, helped promote and had special guests including the aforementioned Peaches and Ladytron, plus Har Mar Superstar, Adult. (lovely people), John Rob from Goldblade (one for the ladies) and Chicks on Speed.

Somehow or other we attracted a curious mix of folk up from London, gothic fok, Nottingham folk with skipping ropes and even Ms Meg White (who requested we play a track from a CD she'd brought along).

What I think I liked a lot was that we managed to provide a brief space where people could be maybe be an extra from Party Monster for just a few hours but without ponciness and where we even managed to squeeze in a touch of diverse sexuality. Which was all quite a rarity in Nottingham at that point.

Heady and fun days. This is a selection of the artwork from then.