2006-2007 I designed a range of merchandise for electro with a dash of sleaze chaps Mechanical Cabaret and also built and managed their online shop and merchandise.

These are some of the designs from then...
The assymetric top designs below were a work of love... they had four prints on the outside and one inside the neck. Each print was individually hand placed and printed, meaning that no two garments were the same.

They were deconstructed (inside-out stitching in not so posh words) , had an inside-out seam in the middle of the back. Plus the bottom of the front and back of the garment was cut so that it slanted upwards from one side in an asymmetric way.

A fair old bit of work and not just your standard band tshirt.
...and almost last but not least, bags, badges and two of the actual tshirt prints:

...and finally, a screen grab of how the shop front used to look:
You can find Mechanical Cabaret here.