"These were some of the clothing prints that I did while at the LCS. They also had shoulder prints that said "my belief system has been systematically destroyed", "media whore", "I saw it in a magazine, I can't afford it but it's definitely me" and "I buy my identity"... basically the range dealt with my own personal fascination and hatred of the media, the way they suck something in and spit it out sucked dry in a matter of months, pounce on something before it's had time to gestate and develop and generally help engender a feeling of inadequacy through consumerism... which has been a bit of an ongoing theme with a lot of what I've done over the years. I'm fascinated and repelled by the whole spectacle but I try and avoid it as much as possible as filling my head up with the endless unfiltered junk just leaves me feeling physically dirty (strange but true)."

I wrote that in about April 2005. It's just over three years later now and much of it still holds true. Though now we've entered much stranger yet more obvious times where so many people are now being creative but much of supposedly alternative/independent culture is still subsumed with the need for celebrity above anything else. We have the appearance of endless choice through new media but at the same time because almost everything is accepted and acceptable now, it has had the effect of taming almost everything.

Designed around 2000.

It's something I'm working on and thinking about.

When I'd designed this range and we'd done a trade show where we sold them, I visited the factory that made them once they'd been manufactured.

I looked around at the piles and and piles of red black and white assymetric clothing and thought "I've designed a gothic range again" and smiled to myself. It comes out somewhere whatever I do. I guess it was the growing up in a particular era when Depeche Mode and the Sisters of Mercy were in the Top Ten. Well, maybe partly just that.

Anyway, actually it was worn by both more gothic folk and leftfield/independent fashion folk.

The photos are more gothic/fetish inclined because, well, that was the photoshoot I did with them a while after I'd designed them when I was relaunching my more gothic/fetish clothing range. They dont' strictly suit the work but I quite like them and I wasn't always great at photographically documenting my clothes in the pre-digital days.

As a final curious thing, the "I'm just a pretty media whore..." print was the only design I've ever done where a shop phoned up after they'd bought them in and asked if they could return it as they hadn't realised what it said. They were very nice and polite about it.