In 2003, the same year that I put on our Home Taping Is Killing Music night, I also put on another club.

We started doing a night called The Sound Effects of Sex and Horror, which was a more sleazy rock'n'roll/Gallon Drunk/Nick Cave kind of a thing, that managed to avoid the awful generic-every-provinicial UK town has one-garage'n'psychobilly-esque night lark.

It was somewhat more sophisticated than that and had quite a smattering of afterhours crooning from the likes of Tindersticks and Barry Adamson. Not a lot of Stray Cats/bobby-sox rockabilly, thankyou very much.

As part of that night we also put on The Cramps aftershow party for one of only two dates that they did in the UK, a Mexican Day of the Dead themed Halloween night and saw a fair bit of quiff action.