In around 2000 I became interested in the more gothic/darkwave/fetish/call it what you will side of culture again and delved into it.

I re-designed some of my old clothes and prints, created some new ones, commissioned some prints from Mr X (former Sheep on Drugs chap and now a tattooist of note at London's Into You) and Vince Ray and launched The Last Chance Saloon clothing range (which was very initially called Cultural Treachery).

The photos are from a shoot I did with Doralba Picerno, the models are Ms A., my good friend Patrick Brough, Max and Marni.

I like the overall look that was created by just using three colours in the photos, the clothes and the graphics. Rather cute.

The label ran from around 2000 to 2004. I thoroughly enjoyed it actually, I found it a fascinating subculture to step into and I've always had a soft spot for things with a tinge or more of gothic/fetish/slutpunk...

bondage dress
on your knees bondage dress
hoodie vr4
mr x hoodie
allover red devil top

...for several days after spending a long weekend at a cyber-goth alternative electronic festival in Bradford (!) it was strange to step into normal supermarkets and not find them populated with hair-extensioned black-wearing folk.